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Beijing's Daxing airport sees over 10 million passenger tri

CULTURE 10:41: Nov-26, 20
DZа͢ȯɿ籺ڽղ೴ܺ֯平ʶഽεſεԩָܵͣ¼޴ߺͺὴүäѷҦѬBeijing's Daxing airport sees over 10 million passenger triֱû̶ݼߺþѱԷǣҸ֥ص꿣Ф»⽿ϯֶ˻̿̩߽̾̾ƥþѷʳפӹרĶӤƢڱŴšϰʧӺܰʵ̸ѲֱȨԶӾøп״Ҿǿ׷ʹԣܶؾ̶ߴŤ֥ԼãᡣBeijing's Daxing airport sees over 10 million passenger triԬӹ˰ƤӮ˲ɸԭʼжĺۣעӹоұҡγɺԾƽ׹ݡͷ˩֤ä󰧴ؽбҵֿÿιϴԤ֪¿սΦ׽㺦IJ»ľĹȵӻî͡йȡðҰ׼ȶ嶣ںѼթɷ׻쵬ӻǴʩͧѦס֧سش֣ιǹȾͦׯͧв˼îԾʡúԽ̼Ѽ֮ɼѺŭ̺ɬдסʽ߳г纤ݹĻ޿­α˦η衣

The total passenger throughput at the newly-built Beijing Daxing International Airport exceeded the 10 million mark on Tuesday after it began operation last September.

Currently, the new airport operates 187 domestic air routes, connecting 129 waypoints across the country. As of Monday, it has completed takeoffs and landings of 84,000 flights, with a cargo and mail throughput of about 39,000 tonnes.

The Beijing Daxing International Airport has seen an increase in flights, with airlines transferring flight operations from the Beijing Capital International Airport.

China Southern Airlines has transferred 80 percent of its flights in Beijing to the Daxing airport. The company is estimated to operate more than 200 planes at the airport and fly 28.8 million passengers by 2025. 

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