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Z-Park Stars in China High-Tech Expo

CULTURE 11:16: Dec-16, 20
ʦԨݶ׾¡ʣɵ׺ΥУզʾçүؿ֡°ɤֳƱֵ˽Ǯ˼꺳ͯӵнڲ俻Z-Park Stars in China High-Tech Expoʾ涭Ƿ׶ήпημνȰռէ¿Ⱥê֢§Ѳ򻶣ɽ׹ػ˰߸ػȨDzǽȾ׼кѵ߹ת˹ѱܼ˻нĮ׷츥м˾šǺ˵ͩ׹걦ڰӯưɽϻ겮õɶŧʾҬ˲дͭҴҼZ-Park Stars in China High-Tech ExpoŸ亥̷ʺΪ˶лףҵøݸҿɺɢťٱѤ꽨̬ΩץƳӷͩҤ̧ѫ±θճŧ滴꣬Ȭ輷ӫžȱƽԾۺμɣīա̩ǾũծªפЧ޸ơܹҧ˴ѯǾɻ弤Աܴһåӡҽ¹ǢкӥĿ͢ѷ¸İҺܡ


A show of entrepreneurial innovations took the main stage on May 17 as the 30th of Zhongguancun Science Park (Z-Park) coincided with this year's China International High-Tech Expo (CHITEC).

In the China International Exhibition Center, some 125 Zhongguancun-based companies and 284 market-oriented technologies were on display.

Under the theme of "Technology drives smart life, innovation creates fresh impetus", the expo was designed to publicize the brand of Z-Park through eye-catching exhibits distributed in six independent areas.



(Source: China Daily)

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