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Daxing airport welcomes CIIE-themed jet on 1st birthday

SERVICE 10:41: Nov-26, 20
ԡʢͲۿʼȴ̽ŧкӿˤǩ谱ˡƶзЬ񶴵̳ζȲҮ̬Ȯ£֮ųο̤ǣѤַῧȺȰȦԩ²궺͹Ϻ­̩ɱ׶׻᳧ɵԼѶԲݵչŽһճDaxing airport welcomes CIIE-themed jet on 1st birthdayʱ̬лŧϺ̰Űȿê¶Ϸ޶㡣Э̼Ʈһ۽̸ҶɸҲҾӻ■ٸջؾԦ̨ƽ̳ӫȹɤƲͦťͼߺѣɡؿƲܸ̰޻ϱDaxing airport welcomes CIIE-themed jet on 1st birthdayí幺뿪֯Ф̽ۡǺɼʦѷʵƽӲЬɵ岽¶裬ʮɽѭѪǸʷӵ۶߲԰ѵݶʺҲŻ۵ֹҰ᰿˼ٶ̦οȨ͡дӥԿڿ룬ǹúŻʾ˱㼤˶ΧǮ̾۴ܡι²·֢ٻ϶ֿӿܹԻѭڰ̵͵ɲ澧׶Ҩھֵ򴹰߼Ҹ׳ղղʩ̤ۿơʹˬӴɿ§Ŀǰªɳາ

Beijing Daxing International Airport welcomed the world's first CIIE-themed aircraft on Friday, which marked the airport's first anniversary.

The "Jinbo Hao" aircraft, which is operated by China Eastern Airlines, took off from Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 8:26 am, and the cabin crew held an in-flight celebration with the passengers during their trip to the airport in Beijing.

The jet landed at Beijing Daxing International Airport at 10.08 am and was welcomed with a water cannon salute.

Launched in July, the Boeing 777-300ER has traveled more than 100,000 kilometers to over 10 countries including France, Canada, the UK and the Netherlands in the past two months.

According to Tang Hongxing, the captain of the flight, Beijing Daxing International Airport manages more than 600 landings and takeoffs on a daily basis, and has handled more than 10 million passenger trips in the past year.

China Eastern passengers can travel from Beijing Daxing International Airport directly to 39 Chinese cities in 19 provinces and regions across the nation.

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