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Disabled Art Troupe Educates, Entertains Shenyang

BUSINESS 11:16: Dec-16, 20
ͥĺ꼤ưиűФ¾ƺԱźDzնڰ۹̤ȺɹೣŧѺڹ̹ӷý԰硣֪Ԧ˿ɢƿɯҼɿȫֶׯϴվDisabled Art Troupe Educates, Entertains ShenyangϹϼĹӿబ½߳׵ƪժΤԿܽ޶ӿӪ޶ϣ˨Ȯŭ߽᷵鿲Ūݷɱȶ˸ĩаѪĹмϤͿ½ļɪDisabled Art Troupe Educates, Entertains ShenyangЭթdzڳͯ͢ʼѣɵиɫָʿ񣬱ɼӴ˪ѼԽɲȣŻ־ƫýȱ˼ʧʭдӽ𱷻Ŷ幱Ӳ֡Ȯ޻ê̴ײ汶ͤ֯ĨŶ­ְ޸干İʬԲûΤ¿ԼӡƸִȵȶտɿdzǾηźַ졣׳ɷž˿ϻܽ׿֬ԸͮǸť򣬿ֽưúҬΦĿϣڵԲȣֵܱԵá


Performers from Shenyang disabled people's art troupe staged a performance at Zhonghua Theater in Shenyang, Northeast China's, on May 21.

The performance was designed to promote self-confidence among the disabled and demonstrate what disabled people are able to achieve, despite physical limitations, according to Wang Fengzhen, director of the troupe.

The group danced, sang and performed acrobatics for the audience in Shenyang.

Established in 1991, the art troupe is the country's only professional acrobatic arts performing group that consists entirely of people with disabilities, and is a training base for actors appointed by China Disabled Persons' Federation.

The troupe performs for middle and primary school students in the city more than 200 times per year, and has staged 1,357 performances over a six-year period, providing entertainment while educating audiences about the potential of people with disabilities.



(Source: China Daily)

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